“Many of our holidays or adventures were only every remembered by the size of the insect bites, how sick we got or how bad we smelt. Trekcare only creates products to give you back the memories and experiences that should matter, we wish to be every traveller's, holiday maker's or weekend warrior's most trusted companion… ”               

 – Craig Hoenderop – Managing Director, Trekcare Pty Ltd


From the mountain tops of the Himalayas, to the unforgiving jungle of Kokoda or the vibrant streets of Los Angeles many of us found that standard products claim much and deliver much less. Still itching we at Trekcare decided to conquer this challenge.

Made for Adventurers by Adventurers using the highest manufacturing practices available, Trekcare was first released to the public in 2011. Trekcare’s product range is continually field tested by real people, in real environments against real problems our adventurers may encounter.

Made in Australia and using only high quality ingredients.



Our promise to our customers is to be: 

Reliable – Always provide “field tested” products that work the best they can  while being safe

Pleasurable – Provide products which not only work but are convenient and great to use

 Safe – Always provide products which are safer for our customers and ourenvironment